The sustainable stand alone solution

Governments are facing the social task of providing sufficient lighting with minimum energy

consumption, thereby guaranteeing the safety of public spaces. The innovative SPIRIT can help

you with this.

The SPIRIT is the most sustainable lighting solution of its kind. The lighting is based completely

on solar power, which means that electricity from the grid is no longer required. In fact, in the

absence of the grid the SPIRIT is a very cost effective choice for a permanent lighting solution.

Besides being a sustainable choice, the SPIRIT is also exceptionally practical: a stand-alone

solution that is delivered plug & play. Moreover, the SPIRIT can be custom-built, which ensures

that there is an appropriate solution for every location and situation.

As a CO2 neutral lighting column manufacturer, Kaal Masten has selected the most

environmentally responsible materials. Moreover, only materials and product parts with a high

durability are being used, guaranteeing very limited maintenance for an extensive period.

Sustainable, stand-alone and plug & play: get to know the SPIRIT.