Quality Assurance

We are proud to be an AS/NZS ISO:9001:2000 certified business and we are proud of our proven industry reputation for excellent quality production.

We are committed to quality management and we continue to successfully demonstrate our ability to not only meet the statutory requirements of the AS/NZS ISO:9001:2000 accreditation standards but also continue to meet the high expectations of our clients by reviewing our own processes and striving to innovate and improve.

Our proven reputation for high quality products allows us to offer workmanship guarantees of up to 10 years for many of our Street Furniture NZ products.

Our quality system was designed to operate in conjunction with our manufacturing system.

  • The works order travels with the components through the entire production process. At each work station a quality check is completed, before the component moves to the next station.
  • Our modern computer controlled plant is designed to ensure repeatability of component quality.
  • Detailed engineering drawings of the components are with the works orders at all times.
  • Welding and assembly jigs are important tools in production manufacturing and are often used to maintain consistency.
  • As part of the ISO requirement all outside processes are regularly audited.